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    As a technology-backed pet care brand,

    Cature is committed to the harmonious coexistence of human,

    nature and pets. Cature combine organic, high quality natural ingredients with advanced science to formulate the best pet care products, as our slogan "Care by Nature".

    We are serving the pet industry markets of more than 38 countries and regions worldwide.

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    100% Natural Ear Cleanser

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    As the top fiber technology company in the world, we apply fiber technology into cat litter and accessories. Best natural cat litter, natural wood clumping cat litter, high quality tofu cat litter, cat litter deodoriser and high end cat litter scoops.

    Natural odor control and anti-bacterial / 7 - Day - Odor - Free Without Scooping / Convenient package / 100% Natural / Eco - friendly / Safe material / Highest quality standard / Easier to handle / Healthier for you and your pet

    Cature Premium Plant Cat Litter

    Cature is the only food grade pet oral care brand in China. Natural ingredients as its major function ingredients in its formula.  Safe and mild formula for pet oral care, mouthwash for fresh breath, say goodbye to pet bad breath, plaque-stop removes the oral odor from the whole system, natural seaweed plaque-stop, remove calculus without brushing, oral care kit, clean your pet's teeth easily, thoroughly and safely.

    Cature pet oral care series is the complete oral and dental care solution for your pet. Offering no brushing solutions, our oral health products are made with natural and effective ingredients for a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

    The only food grade pet oral care brand in China

    Natural and safe pet body cleaning and wellness products.  Waterless shampoo, natural formula, no alcohol, safe if licked, perfect for winter cleaning, senior and sick pets. No-washing paws foam thoroughly clean pets' paw. 100% natural ear cleanser removes dirt and mites .

    Cature pet cleaning and grooming series uses only high quality natural and organic ingredients in every bottle.

    All our products are cruelty free.

    We combine organic, high quality natural ingredients with advanced science to formulate the best pet skin care and grooming products.

    Odor-kill and antibacterial spray, 100% natural odor eliminator spray, safe for licking and complete odor removal.  Stain and odor remover. It removes stain and stink.

    Get rid of smells in 3 seconds without any chemicals!


    100% natural odor eliminator spray

    Safe for licking and complete odor removal, safe to use around
    children and pets.

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  • Good Review

    Cat litter user good review from Thailand user.

    The wood pieces are much smaller with the Cature Clumping Wood Litter, meaning they don’t get kicked around the house as much. They clump as opposed to my wood litter which doesn’t. By far the biggest difference I saw was scent. I was hoping this would have a more pleasant woody smell than my brand, but I was shocked by how brilliant it was. There wasn’t a noticeable woody smell, but by golly did this thing contain scent. It must be the green flecks because the regular Cat litter by Cature didn’t stop the poop scent like that, only this sensitive litter.

    I have two cats who are absolute stinkers in the litter tray and one perfect gentleman who always covers his. My stinkiest cat could knock a house down with her stinky, uncovered poops. Normally I scoop them immediately. With this litter I still scoop them within ten minutes, but there’s no more gagging, no more spraying half a carton of air freshener; it’s a July miracle. I cannot overstate how good Cature Clumping Wooden Litter is at stopping the scent getting out.


    The Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a fantastic litter that stops poop and pee smell in its tracks, protects your cats from dust clouds and is a great natural option. The only downside is that it is quite expensive, so it won’t be right for everyone for that reason. It also depends on how many cats you have. For example, with three cats this box of litter lasts about a week. So about a month

    with one cat.

       ------ By The Westleys on Jul 02, 2020

    Best natural cat litter

    “We love 2 boxes in the back.

    Review from my heart. I have used it for a long time.

    Why do you love me?

    1. When we poop, Cature's sand makes mom and dad barely pee on us. And we don't stink when we go in poop even though there's a pile of poop in it.  Haha. It's very good to catch myself. It's time for mom to poop.
    2.  It's all gone because it's not broken. It's not smelly. Collected
    3.  You can throw it in the toilet. It's convenient. It's good to degradable. It doesn't block toilet and it doesn't make more garbage.
    4. It's very safe for natural hair.
    5.  affordable price
    6.  places to poop of Cature. Mother loves it very much. Because at the end of Slope, it makes me pee all of them.
    7. fragrant tablets that are put in the sand. It smells so good.

    In fact, this brand has many formulas of sand. You can talk to me to inquire. If you haven't used it, you want me to try it and you will love it like me. Mom said mom didn't change her mind. And we haven't changed our minds either


    ------ เจ้าหางฟู หมูของขวัญ, Thailand

    Γατογονείς σας έχω νέα 💚 Αντί για άμμο, χρησιμοποιώ πλέον αυτή την οικολογική, από ανακυκλωμένη ξυλεία σημύδας και έλατου με πιστοποίηση FSC (Forest Sustainable Development). Σβωλιάζει, καθαρίζεται πολύ εύκολα & απορροφά οσμές!

    Η συγκομιδή του ξύλου γίνεται με βιώσιμες μεθόδους από φυσικά πεσμένη ξυλεία και αχρησιμοποίητα ξύλα που θα κατέληγαν στη χωματερή.

    Χαρούμενα γατιά ✔️

    Δεν επιβαρύνω το περιβάλλον ✔️

    για περισσότερες πληροφορίες : www.cature.gr
    ------ Famous Greek author, animal lover and instagram influencer Katrina choose Cature for her cat

    Terbaik sekali.. I love pasir kucing ni.. Tak bau langsung ..
    --- Cat owner in Malaysia

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