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    International pet hospital i vet

    Cature products have been available in cross-border pet hospital i vet.

    Cature Malaysia team is attending the biggest pet show in Malaysia.

    🤩Very positive🤩 feedback in Miau Fest 2020 Expo Mexico.
    Well done Cature México team!💪💪



    Cature Thailand team attending Biggest Pet Expo in Thailand

    Photo from World Top Persian Cattery Pinkpawpal
    Cature products supply high end pet care channels world wide

    Cature at K-PET fair in Korea.
    Please kindly find us , we are waiting to welcome everyone

    Cature at CIPS

    Best American curl ear cattery
    Pet doctors endorse Cature products
  • Celebrity & Social Media Influencers

    With premium quality, Cature products have been popular among internet influencers and celebrity pet owners all over the world.

    Indonesia influencer endorses Cature pet products

    Mikailapatritz--Mother of #Arupalaka Founder Of Hybridd ( First Hybrid Breeder📍 Indonesia ) 🐆 endorses Cature in Indonesia.🤩🤩🤩   

    International Celebrity Push and his wife

    Thank you very much for this celebrity couple Push & Jui in Thailand for supporting Cature. 🥰🥰🥳🥳

    Famous Geek author, animal lover

    Katrina chooses Cature for her cat.

    Former King and Queen of Malaysia

    Former King and Queen of Malaysia choose Cature

    Famous actress Ariel Tatum

    Famous actress celebrity in Indonesia with 8 million followers on Instagram just gave us a shout out and she is a fan of Cature and she bought Cature products.

    Instagram Influencer in Philippines

    Instagram influencer in Philippines chooses Cature for her dog